Kworld V-Stream DV/AV Expert TV Stereo Card

Turn your computer into a versatile entertainment device with the KWorld V-Stream DV/AV Expert TV Stereo PCI Capture Card! Featuring the awesome Conexant CX23883 Broadcast Decoder, (featuring 10-bit color and stereo audio capture,) this card will keep you ahead of the video capture game for a long time. It even features a built-in 4-pin (unpowered) FireWire (IEEE 1394 or i.Link) port, controlled by the Texas Instruments TSB43AB22A chipset, so you won't have to buy another card just to capture Digital Video (DV.) This card even comes bundled with Cyberlink's PowerVCR II and PowerDirector 2.55 software, so you can create great movies on your PC! Order TODAY!


  • Video Input
    TV Input: Coaxial (RF)
    Video 1 Input: Composite Video Input
    Video 2 Input: S-Video Input
    IEEE 1394/ i.Link Input / Output (4 pin)
  • Audio Input / Output
    3.5mm Stereo Audio jack
  • Time-Scheduling
    Be able to preset time to record your favorite TV program, like movies or soap operas, while you have to go out for a date or shopping! Via this function, time management will be an easy thing to you.
  • Time-Shifting
    This unique record funtion can let you record and play TV programs at the same time. Via this function, you won't miss any section of that TV program.
  • Record and Play in Mpef 1/2 format
    Mpeg 1 & 2 compression format can save you space on your hard disk! Via this compression format, the arrangement of the hard-disk space will be more efficient.
  • Support Dual-Language TV program
    Stereo Nicam/MTS support allows you to learn different languages in a more interesting and active way.

Minimum System Requirements: One available PCI Slot. PentiumIII-700 MMX or above CPU. 128MB RAM. CD-ROM Drive. 16MB VGA card with 800 x 600 16bits resolution (DirectX 8.1 supported). AC 97 compatible sound card for audio play. Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP